3rd EDITION - 13TH MAY 2019 

1. The Objects of The Chibistan Trust (“the Charity” or “the Trust” )

Under the terms of the new revised Trust Deed dated 12th December 2018, the objects of the Charity are:

'To provide for the relief of poverty and those in need, primarily, but not exclusively those living in the Indian sub-continent, by making grants for the provision of medical care, social welfare and housing, including disaster relief'. ​

2. Priorities for support

2.1 The number of projects which can be supported is, of necessity, limited to the amount of funds available for distribution in any year. The Trustees have determined that the priorities for funding over the next 5 years will be:

  • OBJECTIVE 1: To provide free primary healthcare from quality healthcare centres to those in desperate need. The charity aims to build such buildings in ‘partnership’ with local NGO’s. Funding is given to projects which allow the charity to participate in the decision-making process of each important stage, the charity will closely monitor all stages of the build and the eventual operating, by providing its own representatives to work at the location together with the local NGO. Projects for the betterment of a community, such as orphanages, schools and shelters are also included in this objective.

  • OBJECTIVE 2: The charity will also entertain funding to individuals. This will be limited to funding to provide medical care for life-threatening illnesses and where the quality of life can be greatly improved.

2.2 The priorities in this policy will be reviewed from time to time and may be changed in accordance with the Trustees’ view of the most effective application of available funds at any point in time.

3. Principles

In awarding grants, the Trustees will apply the following principles:

3.1 Applications from, but not exclusively from the Indian sub-continent.

3.2 All applications from previous recipients of grants or from previously unsuccessful applicants will be considered by the Trustees on their own merits. Although the Trustees will have regard to the outcome of the previous grant, any new application will in no way receive preferential or adverse consideration.

3.3 The Charity will not normally support applications from larger national charities i.e.those with an annual income in excess of £5million or with £10+million assets or charities dedicated to issues deemed by the Trustees to be already well funded in the area of operation.

3.4 The Charity will willingly work in partnership with other organisations to fund initiatives beyond the financial scope of a single organisation.

3.5 Applicants under ‘Priorities for support’ Objective 1 will normally be charities, community support programmes and NGO’s registered in their home country that is able to demonstrate to the Trust a proven track record. Applicants under ‘Priorities for support’ Objective 2 will normally be between three and twenty-nine years of age. In exceptional cases, the Trustees may consider applications from persons outside these parameters.

4. Exclusions

The Trustees will not normally approve the use of the Charity’s funds for:

4.1 Purposes for which the UK government has a statutory responsibility to provide (if the project is in the UK).

4.2 Purposes for which the government of a beneficiary country is providing an acceptable level of delivery.

5. Grant application process

  • Firstly, download the Grant Application Form from our website: www.chibistan.org/trust
  • Fill in and complete (in conjunction with this policy) and sign.
  • Clearly mark: FAO The Trustees.
  • All applications for grants should be POSTED in the first instance to:

The Chibistan Trust,

Arden House

Maple Leaf Drive

Marston Green


B37 7JB

United Kingdom.

5.1 Information requirements before awarding a grant All applicants:

Before awarding a grant to an organisation or an individual, the Trustees require that the application should:

5.1.1 Inform the Trustees of the purpose of the application, details of the project, the way in which the grant will be used and how it will be managed effectively for its intended purpose;

5.1.2 Inform the Trustees of the names of those who are to be involved with the project/work to be carried out and the identity and financial status of the person(s) or organisation who will be responsible for the administration of the grant;

5.1.3 Demonstrate that the recipient (whether an organisation or an individual) has and will be adequately insured both in relation to any equipment and facilities purchased by the grant but also in relation to any risk of injury arising by reason of the project or purposes for which the grant is awarded including injury to those participating in that project or those purposes; and

5.1.4 Sign the application form to state that the applicant undertakes to comply with the general terms and conditions including that the presentation of a cheque or acceptance of funds through bank transfer deems that the recipient has accepted these and any additional terms and conditions contained in a letter of grant between the Charity and the grant recipient and agrees to be bound by them.

6. Assessment process

6.1 All grant applications will be subject to an initial assessment to ensure they meet the basic criteria for funding. Grants will be considered by the Trustees at their meetings, and the Trustees will aim to write to all applicants informing them of the outcome of their application for funding within three months of the date of the application.

6.2 Applicants should note that, as with many other charitable trusts, The Chibistan Trust always receives far more applications than it has funds to support. Even if a project fits within the criteria and priorities of the charity and a detailed assessment has been made, the Charity may still be unable to provide a grant.

6.3 The Trustees will not be obliged to provide an explanation to the applicant should their application be unsuccessful.

7.Monitoring and Publication

7.1 ‘Priorities for support’ Objective 1 applicants

It is the policy of the Trustees to monitor all grants made. To this end, before a grant can be confirmed, conditions will be stipulated appropriate to the work to be carried out and progress will be assessed against agreed targets and/or milestones. See 2.1 Objective 1. If the grant is payable in instalments, then payment of subsequent grant instalments will be dependentonsatisfactoryprogresshavingbeendemonstratedandtheTrusteesreserve the right to withdraw the grant on receipt of unsatisfactory progress reports. Failure to submit reports at the specified times to the Trustees of The Chibistan Trust may jeopardise the continuation of the charity’s support. In addition to reports detailing progress, grant recipients will be expected to provide:

  • Annual statements detailing how the grant funds have been spent;
  • Details (where appropriate) of any other funds applied to the same project.

7.1.2  Following the conclusion of the project, the grant recipient (Objective 1 recipients only) will be expected to submit a final report within three months of the end of the grant, detailing fully the results and outputs from the project. The grant recipient should inform the charity of any extenuating circumstances whereby the submission of the final report is delayed, to allow a mutually acceptable date for submission to be agreed.

7.2 ‘Priorities for support’ Objective 2 applicants

Each individual case will be assessed on its merits. Funding will be granted at the discretion of the Trustees.

7.3 Monitoring visits by representatives of the Charity may be expected during the period of a grant.

7.4 The Trustees also expect to receive copies of any published articles, electronic media footage, papers or other outputs which may result from the grant.